All Integrated Medical Society of Utah

The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, professional, educational, and scientific purposes

Our Mission

Purpose After much collaboration and discussion, we are proudly introducing AIMSUTAH- an All Integrated Medical Society of Utah. The founding members are professionals of Indian origin. Hoping to pioneer healthy lifestyles, AIMSUTAH dedicates its work to making Utah a healthy state. As healthcare professionals, we are busy treating diseases but we believe it is equally important to PREVENT these diseases and avoid living a life dependent on medications.

We want to achieve our full potential in mind, body and spirit by encouraging fun fitness, healthy cooking, organic gardening, reduced processed foods, minimizing exposure to chemicals/pesticides, and education of advanced scientific research. Each of our members has something valuable to share and we are so excited to educate ourselves and educate society about living a healthy life! AIMSUTAH is a non-profit organization that champions social, cultural, and humanitarian prosperity. We hope AIMSUTAH will create a network of friends throughout Utah whom we can depend on and evolve together as we grow currently, our priority is to integrate lifestyle changes into our daily schedule with better fitness outcome. We already know fitness reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, cancer of large bowel, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Our goal is to motivate each other to make healthy choices.

MissionTo foster the professional and social development by a unified medical society of persons of the residents of Utah and to further charitable, professional, educational, and scientific pursuits.


To become the pre-eminent multidisciplinary medical society providing a unified front to address issues relevant to the community. AIMSUTAH's greatest differentiator is the inclusion of multiple disciplines related to health care. AIMSUTAH objective will be met through quarterly meetings of the members, presenting educational opportunities (lectures, skills workshops, and personal projects), communal introductions of new members, and industry exposure.


Current Board Of Directors

Adhish Agarwal, M.D.


Niraja Bhachech, M.S

Vice President

Anima Varma


Vishwanath Harangaonker




Adhish Agarwal, M.D.

Navin Varma, M.D.

Anima Varma

Pawan Sharma, M.D.

Anita Sharma

Rajiv Shah, M.D.

Ashu Sharma, M.D.

Sheetal Shah, M.D.

Maya Thomas, M.D.

Sudhir Sahasrabudhe, Ph. D.

Niraja Bhachech, M.S.

Sumati Gupta, M.D.

Sunil Sharma, M.D.



Adhish Agarwal

M.D.(President 2018-till now)

Anima Varma

Maya Thomas

(President from 2013-2018)

Gopika Kamtekar

Sumati Gupta, M.D.

Niraja Bhachech, M.S.

Sanjay Kamtekar

Sudhir Sahasrabudhe, Ph. D.

Vishwanath Harangaonker

(Secretary from 2018-till Now)

Sumati Gupta, M.D.

Sumati Gupta, M.D.


Upcoming Events

Ask A Dr. Event
12/19/2020 About COVID-19 Pandemic: Vaccine, missed opportunities and the path forward More Details
4/12/2020 (Hearth Health Screening/Discussion) (Cancelled)
3/15/2020 (Colon Cancer Screening) (Cancelled)

Past Events 2015

Ask A Dr. Event
2/9/2020 (Mental Health By Dr. Vanita Jain, Dr. Kiran)(Dr. in attendance: Dr. Hena Kundra, Dr. Adhish Agarwal, Dr. Maya Thomas, Dr. Sumati Gupta)
1/12/2020 (Dr. in attendance: Dr. Adhish Agarwal MD, Dr. Maya Thomas MD)
12/08/2019 (Dr. in attendance: Dr. Adhish Agarwal, Dr. Maya Thomas, Dr. Sumati Gupta, Dr. Bharani Srinivas, Hina Garg)
11/24/2019 (Dr. in attendance: Dr. Adhish Agarwal, Dr. Maya Thomas, Dr. Bharani) Bone Marrow Drive at ICC South Jordan UTAH)

An evenning to Discover wellness

Saturday October 20, 2018 5:00pm
Venue: Cottonwood Heights City Hall 2277 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT-84121

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